QuoJob: high administrative performance, low financial threshold!

QuoJob takes care of all commercial, administrative and organisational management tasks within your project-oriented company. A few simple mouse clicks suffice to enter new data or orders: everything is neatly linked to the project in question. This enables you to free up a great deal of time for what truly matters: brainstorming, creation and development.


QuoJob in a nutshell....

A web-based application that is accessible anywhere and does not require any investment in terms of server or other hardware, this is what QuoJob has to offer. Agenda management, project monitoring, customer and prospect follow-up, invoicing, procurement, price requests... all with just a few mouse clicks.
Your administrative work is reduced to a minimum...
Thanks to the use of your own parameters, QuoJob gives you the feeling you have worked in this manner for years. The use of templates enables us to finish offers, price requests, time schedules and letters with one mouse click and send them from QuoJob by e-mail, possibly with a number of attachments. QuoJob will not change your company, but will make it better, more flexible, and will free up time for your core business: providing communication services to your clients


Modular, perfect for your business...

QuoJob was deliberately developed as a modular package you can configure in line with your wishes, company and budget. We are always prepared to discuss all QuoJob modules in depth during a demonstration. Just check the column to the right to determine your basic requirements.

QuoJob by default consists of:

Server licence
• CRM management (clients, suppliers, prospects, contacts...)
• Project management (Projects, jobs, calculations, offers, orders, invoicing, briefing...)
• Supplier management (price inquiries, orders, confirmations by fax, e-mail, letter)
• Time and material registration
• Agenda with appointment and confirmation management
• Reporting (turnover, financial, staff, status reports, report generator)
• Parameters (Corporate Identity, structure, rates, standards...)
• Human Resources (staff, freelancers, holidays...)

Optional modules:
• Correspondence (letters, fax cover sheets, meeting minutes, e-mails, text messages)
• Settlement of recurrent performances (e.g. hosting, contracts...)
• Multi-Language (language choice depending on employee's mother tongue)
• Media handling (calculations, distribution schedules...)
• PR & Communication: extensive selection, communication, action and reaction possibilities
• Multi-Company: management of several independent companies separated from each other
• Client-specific price arrangements: management of individual prices per client or prospect
• Project Planning management: milestones & task planning, capacity calculation, Gannt charts...
• Follow-up on outstanding invoices and reminders
• Document management: creation of structured client folders - job folders - sub folders on server
• Financial linking with your accounting package (export of sales invoices instead of manual input)
• Data Export: immediately open all reports in your spreadsheet program for client-specific editing
• PDA access: use QuoJob from your Palm, IPhone or PDA/Smartphone
• Telephony module: interface between QuoJob and your IP Telephone Exchange
• Doc Link: link various office documents to the right project or client
• Extensive Human Resources management (contract management, skills, remunerations, CVs...)
• Quick reporting and analyses thanks to QuoJob Logi Info
• Quogle
• Business Development
• Telephone module


Major advantages of QuoJob:
• SQL database and platform independent (MAC - PC - Linux)
• Intuitive user environment
• Simple and clear hour registration
• Business economic transparency thanks to versatile reports and management information module
• In-house document layouts in Word and PDF format, including digital stationery




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