"Thanks to QuoJob we have a clear overview of the media campaigns!"

"As an advertising company with several divisions, we at Ad!Fundum - Fish'Fly needed a flexible program to centralise all projects so as to have a clear overview", says Greet Denoo, business manager. "We eventually opted for QuoJob."

"We have used the program for two years and it clearly has borne fruit already. Offers, orders, invoicing... everything starts and departs from QuoJob and enables us to have a bird's eye view of the state of projects, profitability, productivity ..."

"QuoJob was and still is the appropriate solution for our company. We have also noticed that the evolution of the program has already resulted in additional possibilities that may offer added value for our business. An example is even more specific reporting and planning. Two major elements that are important in these times to create a correct distinct profile on an ever-changing market."

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