"No more administrative red tape!"

CAP47 in Roeselare is an online advertising agency that advises independent entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinationals on communications via the Internet. Its team of 9 Internet professionals offers services in matters of Internet strategy, e-mail marketing, social media, websites, web applications, online advertising, and SEO. Amongst the many organisations collaborating with CAP47 we count: ATOS Worldline, Concept Fashion, A.S. Adventure, Grando keukens, Cofman.com, G2 Amsterdam, BAT, Edison, Proximity BBDO, AdFundum!, Artex...

"Like many colleagues getting started, we too used Excel for calculations and price quotations. This process may well be adequate when dealing with only a small number of clients, but as soon as your personnel complement or your client list expands, there is need to adopt a more organized procedure to do the work", thus Pedro Cappelle, business manager.

"QuoJob facilitates the billing of our various projects and enhances transparency. In the past, invoices were written up in Excel and the number of work hours extracted from an online tool, Timefox. By using the ReCurrent Performance module (TKP), the billing process of hosting and domain names runs more smoothly since we get a clear overview of the TKPs that can be invoiced. One key stroke suffices to make up these invoices, while retaining the possibility to adjust them at any given moment."

"Likewise the convenient organisation of the QuoJob client database has become indispensable. All data are gathered together in one system and all information for every client is instantly accessible, including address data, price quotations, projects in progress, billing data, etc... Via the planning tool, the client also receives a visual picture of where his input is important, what the mileposts are ... This way, he no longer needs to search his own imagination to get an idea of the time line."

"Thanks to QuoJob, we are now able to react very flexibly to all of our clients' administrative and accounting wishes, e.g., devising make-up invoices in function of PO numbers, providing summaries, overviews..."

"And as far as implementation is concerned, effectively working with the software is, and remains, the best learning process! In addition, the support from Dataline Solutions is most helpful in guaranteeing that our collaborators can keep using the system to optimal advantage. In the online world, the rules of interaction, real-time analyses, fast decision-making, and tight deadlines are prime considerations. It is important that the software provide support to the workflow, from price offers to billing, and simplify administrative red-tape... precisely therein lies the strength of QuoJob!"



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