"MultiPress gives us a solid foundation and enables us to respond to the demands of our clients more quickly and flexibly"

High-quality commercial printed matter with a lot of attention to the customer's needs is the Claes Groep's leitmotiv. The strength of 2 sister companies, Claes Printing in St-Pieters-Leeuw and Roels Printing in Lier, also confirms our vision to be close to the customer. Thanks to extensive and complementary machinery with 3 press formats we are able to produce the most diverse editions. To ensure transparent follow-up of production at both printing businesses we opted for MultiPress in 2008. The fluent demonstrations and the positive references and testimonials were eventually decisive.

"In the past we used various Management Information Systems next to and on top of each other, resulting in a lot of double work and consequently time losses. Currently, calculations are turned into orders with a single mouse click. The exchange of orders between our 2 printing businesses is also going very efficiently. The fact that all information is managed in one system offers unmistakably large advantages", says Dirk Cornelis, manager of Claes Printing.

"Thanks to the link with our accounting package we save our accountant a lot of uninteresting work. The sales invoices are now exported in a file that is subsequently sent to the accountant every month. He then only has to import the file into his software package and that's it. We use the dispatch planning module to organise the transport rides on a daily basis. The integration of this module enables us to plan the many deliveries in an efficient and well-organised way."

"The training budget remained relatively low thanks to the software's positive user-friendliness. Employees who work in MultiPress on a daily basis quickly got the hang of it and are fairly satisfied with the ease of use. In the end, our customers did not really notice anything of the transition, and that's what counts." "With MultiPress we have a sound foundation for the further automation of our production processes. This investment furthermore enables us to cater to our customers' needs even faster and even more flexibly.


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