"The perfect fit for ColorStudio."

ColorStudio can boast of over 30 years of experience as a reliable supplier of graphics firms, fashion photographers, and advertising agencies, today grown into the one-stop-shop for the production of professional communications. Color optimisation, graphic design in our studio or on the client's premises, database publishing coupled or not to a Joomla-website, plus turnkey projects for indoor and outdoor branding are all aspects of our core business.

"We were searching for a web-based ERP application that would allow us a detailed and efficient organisation of the follow-up of our collaborators, clients, and suppliers", explains Bob Van Cauwenberghe, general manager. "QuoJob best fulfilled our needs for the complete integration in one single application of HRM, production follow-up, accounting, and reporting. Moreover, we ourselves can flexibly adapt QuoJob, meaning we can react very fast to ongoing changing market conditions. For ColorStudio, this latter feature has turned into one of the major assets of QuoJob. Ever since we started using QuoJob, the billing also has gone more smoothly and faster, since all of the needed data are grouped by project."

"Thanks to a thorough internal preparation, we managed within 6 weeks to configure a basic system for the follow-up of orders and time registration in QuoJob. Our work methods could be transferred without any changes and, thanks to QuoJob, they even improved! Dataline Solutions offered us the possibility to try out extensive and intensive testing on their server. As a result, the start-up of our own server went practically without a hitch. After just one weekend we were up-and-running. Furthermore, QuoJob has proved its excellent ROI already after two short months via its detailed reporting possibilities."

"QuoJob is the perfect-fit for a multi-discipline production agency such as ColorStudio."



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