Creafor offers the customer a total solution for high-quality printed matter where each job is processed with the utmost care and creativity. Creafor has already done the impossible several times in the past; in other words, flexibility is a strong quality of our printing business. Customer orientation is also an additional asset for many thanks to the complete machinery. The company works with an experienced team that will do anything to satisfy the customer.

Creafor produces via screen printing, digital printing and lettering; these techniques go hand in hand. The colouring power and resistance in case of screen printing is thanks to the ink layer thickness, which is why we regularly upgrade printed matter with high gloss, metal inks, scented inks, relief inks etc. Apart from upgrading, there are an infinite number of other screen printing applications, ranging from posters to stickers. Apart from screen prints we also offer digital printed matter, which makes personalised printed matter attractive. In view of this combination and the quality we offer, Creafor is certainly worth a visit.

We have used MultiPress for several years. Before, calculations were made by means of Excel, but the evolution of the printing business made it necessary to switch to MultiPress.  The use of MultiPress saves us a lot of work; in the past we had to enter the same data all the time, while the software now allows us to simply select data. We have also moved up in the field of planning and control over our price setting. Once the customer has accepted our price, we draw up a work file and the project has started. The investment in administrative software was an adjustment in view of the future, we did not have any other choice. A 21st-century printing business needs such software if it wants to operate well. This software has also improved our relationship with the customer, we are now able to answer their questions sooner. MultiPress has a strong graphic basis, as a result of which the client always gets a reliable price. In view of the required knowhow the chance of errors has become minimal and the speed of execution very high. At Creafor we make all efforts to serve our customers as well as possible. We found that MultiPress fitted this picture perfectly. The speed, efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability of the software has enabled Creafor to become very customer-friendly, price-friendly and efficient.


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