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A centralised client database has taken hold, yet we see that spreadsheets and address files are still rife. QuoJob is a web-based application and therefore accessible anywhere. All contacts (clients, suppliers, prospects, suspects...) are managed in a structured way. Each relation can receive one or several classifications (e.g. industry, interest, federations, collective agreements...). Establishments, contacts, mailing codes: all fields to be filled in are available to make individual and combined selections.

QuoJob contains all functions of expensive, powerful CRM applications, and by means of an intuitive interface it always provides high user-friendliness. By exporting relation data to other applications, mailings (paper, e-mail, bulk mail...) are personalised. Just like at job level, it is possible to upload every file type (jpg, xls, doc...) into the client database. This way you are able to manage and consult all client data all over the world. In addition, there is also a Business Development module. Prospecting and creating or following up on a new business have never been so satisfactory and efficient.


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