Dacar was created in 2004 as a one-man business in signage. One year later, retail sales have become more and more important among our clientele.

In 2007 we became a private limited liability company, Dacar Digital Printing, adding digital printing to our name. This has allowed us to distance ourselves from signage only and to make the connection to large format printing. We distinguish ourselves through our exceptional quality.

Loss of time with Excel
We used to work with Excel for the calculation of offers, which was very time-consuming.
For each calculation, we had to look at the printed price lists of our suppliers to check the cost prices. Conversion into an offer furthermore required the presence or at least input of the person who made the original offer.

MultiPress appeared to be the most advantageous choice. We were able to take and use what we needed and if we continue to grow, we can buy other modules later on, without having to invest too much from the beginning.

The activation of the software was very easy. At the end of day 2, Multipress had already taken over all administrative tasks. The transfer of knowledge was very clear and efficient too.

The software provides support and provides peace in a chaotic industry where everything has to go faster and faster. Thanks to MultiPress, we are always able to keep an overview of what to do first, the price of something, what we should pay attention to and the prices we should maintain. It also helps us with customer follow-up; we can keep record of offers that have been turned down due to cost price so that we can take this into account in the future and adjust our prices.

The benefit of the planning module is that we cannot assign too many tasks to our machines, and if this does happen, we will know. We can determine the workflow and keep a clear overview of what we can expect the following days, the job orders we may receive and the type of materials, so that we can schedule our machines in advance
and select the materials for the next day. This allows us to start fully prepared.

We mainly record our stock management and above all our rolls and flat sheets. Goods that are not actually needed for every job, inks in our case, are recorded per carton packaging. Banner rings and similar things are set aside and the number of packages is recorded in MultiPress.

I expect automation to play an even greater role in the future.  Web2print will become more and more important in this automation, and that is why MultiPress is so essential:
we can continue to add modules so that we are ready for the future.



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