Dael Printing was created in the late 1960s - early 1970s as Dael Reclame, a traditional screen printing business. The company was created with the aim of making promotional products for its customers.
In the 1980s-1990s, we switched to large format products in demand at that time, which were first delivered in screen print.  In the late 1990s, early 2000s, we switched to digital printing, which now accounts for 80% of the activities at Ypres. Last year, we joined the Dioss Group, 3 companies involved in POS materials, retail communication and communication in general.

Independent solutions
In the past, we used a mix of solutions. Excel was used mainly as a calculation tool. Customer information was processed in some kind of Filemaker programme of our own design, an attempt at CRM. And we used Word to communicate: this was difficult as everything had to be classified extremely well or it was not followed through.

Screen printing and digital module

We also chose MultiPress on the basis of some research we did among fellow companies on prevailing software packages.  There were 2 types of solutions: either a solution with fully adjustable settings, or a more general MultiPress solution. MultiPress already had a very advanced module for screen printing and was working hard on the digital printing module that appealed to us.

A huge step forward
If we look at the CRM part, we have made an incredible step forward. The improvement on calculation level might even be greater, because now all offers are bundled in a single software package. This makes it easy for me to have an overview at the end of the day.
The sales reporting module has been a great help. In the past, we had to wait until the end of the month to see the financial figures. Now we have daily order and turnover figures broken down per representative, target group or customer. This has opened a world of information to us that makes it easier to provide reasons for future investments.

Visual planning
The most important advantage is that we have a clear overview of our active planning at all stations at the same time. The colour coding is splendid. In the past, we had to call the packaging company or the warehouse assistant to know if a job was ready. Nowadays we can follow it graphically.

Doubling of turnover
The customers have noticed our change of software package as a result of one simple operation: in the past, everyone had their own way of structuring offers or communications; now all outgoing communication is uniform. Another particularly important improvement is the increased reactivity: the offer response time.

These changes have contributed to a doubling of our turnover since the introduction of MultiPress.

POS & display partner
Regarding our expectations for the company, we made a clear choice to further develop as the expert POS and display partner of brands and retailers, in particular through the merger with Dioss Group. We will certainly not lose sight of our resale channels, being the advertising agencies and printing companies,  but we will continue to qualify ourselves in products necessary to boost the brands in the point of sales.



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