MultiPress... makes complex things simple

Plotters have evolved into large format printers, and in this field MultiPress is unique as well because a specific calculation module is always available (often based on the calculation in square metres) for all production practices, such as vinyl cutting, printing on extra large formats and flatbed plotting. In the MultiPress structure these prices are easy to link to a client and therefore do not need to be stored on a separate disk or in a 'Post-it' collection anymore.

MultiPress is ideal for your entire business. The catalogues of paper suppliers are consulted directly during a calculation concerning rolls or sheets. The imposition/layout is represented graphically in a neatly arranged way, a must for a clear work file. With one mouse click a clear and orderly offer can be converted into pdf and you can automatically forward it to the right contact at your client's. A price variant is sent to your client in no time too.

Client-specific prices are typical of the digital modules. Any allowed departure (+ or -) from the base rates can be determined per client. This way all price agreements are automatically processed in your calculations and orders. This will save you a lot of searching and phone calls from clients who are dissatisfied because "their" price agreement was not taken into account.


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