"The smart board offers considerable added value versus the file card board."

Drukkerij De Bie Group is the 4th generation of printers. The current generation, Johan and Bart De Bie, took over the relatively small company in 1996. MultiPress was already bought in the old establishment with 2 users for Johan and Bart De Bie. In 2002 the traditional small private printing business relocated to a completely new building in Nijverheidsstraat 6, Duffel.  We evolved from 6 to 14 staff members in no time (anno 2004).

Providing high-quality printed matter at affordable prices has always been the objective. Our speciality is so diverse that it seems impossible for a graphic company, but we do manage.

Over the past year a number of deliberate investments have been made in various components of the graphic company. Information technology (Data Line with MultiPress), workflow with Kodak, digital presses (Kodak and Xerox), B2B solutions online, but also traditional investments in Heidelberg offset printing units. Next year there will certainly be more investments in IT as well as in digital and traditional offset printing machines.

In 2008 the Drukkerij De Bie Group obtained an absolute majority share in a strong partner from the graphic industry. Albatros Printing joined our group. MultiPress was integrated with them as well. Albatros had CERM as an MIS package. Upon analysis by our IT office a unanimous decision was made to continue with MultiPress instead of with CERM.

"Until last year, planning at our company was done with traditional tools and took much too long. At the fair in Gorinchem, however, I noticed the "Smart Planboard". I knew a board with file cards, but I had never seen a digital solution for this", points out Bart De Bie, business manager.  "Our order managers and planners stand in front of the board every day and the board offers serious added value.  Order managers are now able to plan the work of full-time employees in barely 10 minutes a day."

"Several of our clients are communications agencies. These agencies are also looking to drastically simplify the order process. Most advertising and communications agencies have in the mean time switched to QuoJob. This is simplification to the extreme. The agency just needs to enter what the client wants and we present the requested offer as soon as possible. The communications agency's account can also place repetitive orders very quickly."

"Service and support can be summarised in a few words. Passionate and motivated employees who all have a specific task. We can consult the help desk for first-line support, and for more advanced software-related aspects we always get the correct answer from Philip."

"During the many years of cooperation we have felt that they listened well to our MultiPress suggestions, and despite the fact that all new features can always be found in the MultiPress release notes, it would be convenient if we could receive them in advance by e-mail ... but Dataline Solutions will probably think of that in the future", winks Bart De Bie.


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