I pause for a moment and that is quite a progress.

The search for more added value, shorter lead times and transparency in the processes for clients revolves around web-to-print. Many printing businesses ask themselves how they should address this project and what use this investment has anyway.

The MultiPress E-business module can offer you 2 solutions: web module and/or web shop

  • Web module: give your existing clients additional means to optimise the cooperation
  • Web shop: appeal to potential buyers of printed paper with strong conditions and/or an attractive interface

In both cases the job will enter MultiPress through your website and will be dealt with administratively. Even payment can be finalised thanks to the link to existing payment systems. In the web module you can offer templates per client, use these templates during an order and send them directly to the prepress with the PDF maker, while in the case of the web shop the PDF is usually delivered directly.

MultiPress offers both solutions and in addition it provides the possibility to link MultiPress to external suppliers of similar web applications.


If Web-to-Print does not contribute anything with regard to cost savings or increase in turnover, then it is indeed unclear why you should invest in it. A Web Shop should be more than just a pretty show window on the internet. It is uneconomic and a wasted effort, and it increases costs without any linked and automated order follow-up in an MIS system (such as MultiPress).

But let us return for a moment to the pretty web façade. What are the options?

  • You (or a designer) develop(s) an e-commerce site using a flash or html tool. (from € 6,000 including MultiPress web engine)
  • You opt for one standard 3rd-party e-commerce site such as I-Way, Freeflow, Docuboxx, Vit2Print, FloSuite etc.(from € 12,500 including MultiPress web engine)
  • You opt for the MultiPress E-Business module (from € 5,000 including MultiPress web-engine)

You select option 1, 2 or 3 depending on your requirements, budget, target group and product specialisation. The following considerations may be decisive:

  • Do I strive for standardisation in my product range?
  • What creation and layout possibilities do I want to offerper client in the front end?

◦                                  either a personalised template module

◦                                  or a (nearly) complete on-line InDesign function

  • Do I want to integrate JDF (in the future)?
  • Do I want to let my clients manage and consult preprints, advance orders, price agreements, repeat orders and possibly production status?

Regardless of your plans, with MultiPress you opt for the most versatile and flexible MIS system, and you make the bidirectionally integrated link to your web shop with MultiPress Web-to-Print. This is not a hype, but guaranteed Business!

"On-line personalisation of standard printed matter was the reason to integrate the MultiPress web shop into our website."

"Our new website is linked to MultiPress so that price inquiries can be made 24/7 and some clients can even manage their own supply!"

"Special actions are offered through web-to-print. Time saving and simplification up to the level of the work order forms!"



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