Is your offer sufficiently "enticing" and is it an "ambassador" of your company?

The offer aimed at the client should respect the corporate identity of your own communication company, contain all legal elements and above all be "enticing". We have many ways to visualise an offer in QuoJob. Could the unit price become a subject of discussion? Do you prefer to work with subtotals? Just tick off what should be shown and how it should appear on the offer (as well as the order, invoice...). QuoJob offers you the unique possibility to save 'the most frequently used choice' as default. For each department and for each company a corporate identity can be managed so that all e-mailed offers arrive at the client in the right form. Upon the client's agreement the offer is turned into an order, which is delivered to the client by way of order confirmation.

For the actual composition and calculation of an offer you can choose from a range of services provided by your company supplemented with specific ad hoc performances. This usually is a combination of performances on a fixed basis, on an hourly and unit price basis, and the price inquiries to suppliers. Quantities, descriptions and prices are very easy to adapt until the last moment. If there are price agreements with certain clients or industries, QuoJob will observe them. QuoJob brings structure and harmony in the project calculation, always with maximum flexibility. Priceless ease and result-oriented sales are the result. An offer that often occurs in a similar form can be saved as an offer template and you can use the resulting gain of time to follow up on your projects even better.



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