"To us, the database software QuoJob is worth its weight in gold"  

The Landscape Group is an umbrella organisation of enterprises active in the fields of communications, e-marketing, PR, and trade fair organisation. Amongst its many members, the Landscape Group counts Field & Urban Communication, our two specialised PR and Communication Bureaus. Field serves clients in the agricultural and horticultural sector, while Urban is active in IT, multimedia, and entertainment. PR is our core business, but in the past few years, our activities have expanded into full-service communication.

Given the large numbers of current projects in progress for diverse clients, time management is of major importance to us. Until recently, account managers kept time registrations and incoming invoices in Excel sheets and sundry other files. Billing became laborious and time-consuming work. With QuoJob, bookkeeping gets an instant overview on the hours of work performed on every project and is able to seamlessly allocate the purchasing invoices to the correct client. This means that for what concerns our client accounts, we can keep track of things more readily and more precisely. Thanks to the decentralised information, we are also able to better monitor the budgets internally and correctly quantify the profitability of a project.

Aside from the accounting aspect of QuoJob, also its database software is worth its weight in gold. Our press contacts are enormously important in the performance of our activities. In the past, such data were kept in various Excel and Access data files. QuoJob now enables us to organize and classify all those contacts in a well-ordered and structured manner. Through this organisation of data in various categories and criteria, we are able to access the correct contacts with a few mouse clicks. Depending on the topic of a press communiqué, we can now employ and deploy our contacts relevantly with full effect. The speed of execution and the efficiency of our campaigns have received a firm boost as a result.

We found out about QuoJob via our partner bureau in the Netherlands. It is an excellent programme for the efficient organisation of the complex database structure and the specific billing processes of PR bureaus. All collaborators have received appropriate training and today are able to faultlessly use the software. Thanks to the Dataline Solutions helpdesk, we can confidently rely on ongoing assistance and guidance.





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