"What a time gain!"

Flink is a creative studio. Vicky Haesaert: "Our core business is to create and develop graphic communication tools in the broadest sense of the word: corporate identity development, brand development, POS materials, technical illustrations, book design etc.

Our customer portfolio is therefore very diverse and ranges from trendy fashion brands to high-tech IT companies." "We guarantee a design with a meaning. With each new project we ensure a fresh approach in which we always start from a thorough analysis of the matter at hand: we do not like superficial work!

Loyal to this philosophy, we take on each new challenge with great enthusiasm and set off in search of the most suitable and inspired solutions with heart and soul."

"Prior to QuoJob we used a specific FileMaker program to create offers, enter time sheets, manage contact data etc., but after a couple of years this no longer met our needs. It was for example impossible to copy offers either in full or in part, which resulted in a great deal of extra work when calculating similar projects. In addition, our former program was not accessible online, which meant that work could only be done at one location.

Flink expanded and it became necessary to make the program accessible to several persons. We therefore set off in search of a more user-friendly program that was worth the additional investment." "After a long search we indirectly stumbled upon QuoJob by Dataline Solutions. A demo showed that this program met our needs perfectly. QuoJob is for example web-based, which means that the program is accessible to any employee anywhere.

We received a thorough training that started from actual Flink projects, and everyone now works with QuoJob on a daily basis: time sheets are entered efficiently and quickly, invoices are generated easily... What a time gain!


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