"The relationship management in QuoJob is of superior quality and the best possible choice for GRAFOC!"


As a training fund for the Print media sector, GRAFOC cannot be compared to a commercial enterprise, and certainly not to an advertising agency or a  communications bureau for which QuoJob has actually been developed.

GRAFOC does, however, also have "clients"; our target group is the Print media firms and the employees in the Joint Committee 130.

GRAFOC's mission is to assist in the formation of the training and competency policy within organisations, conduct promotional campaigns for Printmedia - training programmes, ensure closer harmonisation between education/training and the labour market, and assist in traineeships for job seekers registered with the Public Employment Service for Flanders (VDAB) and enrolled in a Printmedia training course.

"In order to follow-up our diverse actions and keep track of our client contacts, it is of great importance to us to be able to save and monitor all of our gathered information in a structured fashion", thus David Benoit, consultant.

"In the past, we used the conventional Windows programmes and relied on strong human memory. Since we are not operating out of a permanent location, we do not possess a fixed central server where we can store our diverse files. As a result, the gathered data were not kept equally up to date with all collaborators. In our search for an appropriate application, it was likewise important for us to find a programme that could readily be used on the Internet."

"Amongst all of the various CRM systems we screened, QuoJob was, and is, the best choice for GRAFOC. Currently, we are not using all of the functionalities, such as invoicing, for instance, nor shall we use all of the available ones, such as time registration for projects."

"The well-developed datafile that we have been able to build up in a short time in QuoJob offers us the possibility to work out specific actions directed to diverse target groups. In a fairly simple manner, we can make selections within QuoJob and export files, for instance, to send our Post-Training brochure and E-Newsletter to our different target groups."


GRAFOC | Printmedia Opleidingscentrum
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