MultiPress fully convinced us, both in the technical and in the price/quality field

The family business Graphic Screen was founded in 1988 as a screen printing business and grew in size over time. Digital printing presented a fantastic opportunity for the printing business. The company relocated to Kontich and was renamed GSI Printing in 2008.

Three large offset presses were installed in 2012.

We specialise in large format posters and all kinds of roadside displays: roadside posters, bus stop posters, 20 sq. m. billboards etc.

Filemaker versus MultiPress

The company used to work with Filemaker when there were less than 10 employees. MultiPress opened a new world for us, as we were greatly limited by the previous software package. Everything is now scanned with MultiPress... We now have everything combined into one software package. This enables us to work properly. We have stock management, time registration... We can draw up reports more quickly, which is obviously very important for the management.

Link with accounting

We use a Kluwer accounting package. An interface was written to link Kluwer to Data Line Solutions, and everything went perfectly. We really haven't had any problems with the interface, which also works very quickly.

Folder structure

We make use of the MultiPress-created file structure on our system. We have even written a link with Switch software so that clients who store certain files with us immediately arrive at the right location via the Switch workflow. These files are checked by Pitstop and a report is generated. This is especially a huge advantage for our posters.

The future of GSI Printing

The world of graphics is a difficult world that is always changing. GSI now offers offset and digital printing and no longer does screen printing. This is important and shows where we are going. We specialise in large formats, and especially outdoor advertising is really important to us. However, drastic changes are underway. We will have to pay more attention to indoor events, shop design, the retail market,... This will increase in importance to us towards the future.


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