GutzandGlory was founded in 2009 as a new start for the Kwadrant advertising agency, established by Joost Brys in 1996. The need for a broader commercial platform for ever more conceptual and strategic work on behalf of increasingly bigger clients led to a new multidisciplinary advertising agency with an ambitious name. In line with our ambitions, our client mission reads: "Your Glory is our goal."

"QuoJob has been our regular jobs database since 2003. Originally we only used a fraction of the options that the software offers and we were already very satisfied with these. The new start-up of GutzandGlory in 2009 led to a need for wider computerisation of our company: contacts, quotations, more extensive job management and also recently time registration", says Cris Decraemer from GutzandGlory.

"With the release of the new, mature version of QuoJob and based on our many years of positive experience with Dataline Solutions, we recently decided to use the software package optimally, with tied-in invoicing as the ultimate goal. We save a great deal of time as a result and the motto 'time is money' certainly applies in our sector. Thanks to the use of time registration we acquired a better insight into capacity and were able to perform analyses of our profitability. We are convinced that time registration means we have a better view of worked hours which were not included in the correct projects in the past."

"It was clear to us from the outset that QuoJob is a powerful, versatile package. It is a funnel that allows all information to be collected for accurate invoicing, even all meeting reports. With help from Dataline Solutions, and Christophe Beke in particular as a very competent "facilitator", we are discovering more and more of its wide functionality every day. QuoJob makes our company really faster, more efficient and more powerful! This means we have more time to concentrate on our creative and client-oriented activities


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