"Our efficiency went up right away!"

Imprimerie Lorgé has been active in the border region of Belgium, Luxembourg and France since 1983. "Our machinery, dominated by a 6-colour Speedmaster, is aimed at printed matter with remarkable added value, which is often searched for by advertising agencies," says Jean-François Lorgé, business manager.

"We used to work with home-made software for our offers and regularly resorted to copy-paste. The work files were pre-printed by default and were completed manually for each order. I have to admit that this method of working was okay at that time.  However, when the number of jobs increased, our system became inadequate."

"All administrative tasks linked to production just took far too much time. There had to be a more efficient, faster, better organised and more coherent way.  We urgently had to purchase professional software."

"We saw demos of three different systems, and we felt that MultiPress was the right package for us. The contact with Dataline Solutions is great, and our most important paper suppliers (Antalis & Papyrus) assisted us with the purchase. The implementation was very fast: less than 1 month after installation. Our efficiency went up right away: we save a lot of time, and work and deliver remarkably faster than before."

"MultiPress is a very complete software package with a whole range of possibilities. You can discover them all during the training given by Dataline Solutions, but you will only really master MultiPress by using it every day. In case of questions Dataline Solutions offers you a perfect service: one phone call to the help desk and there is always someone there who knows the answer to your question. Until now not a single question has remained unanswered."

"After years of using MultiPress we can no longer do without. The added value can especially be found in the significantly better follow-up of our offers. The software is perfectly integrated in our graphic workflow and indispensable for proper functioning and follow-up of all files. In the current climate a printing business needs to meet a number of criteria in order to be competitive: deliver constant high-quality products and services, observe extra short delivery times and set competitive prices.  To do this, the internal operation of the organisation needs to be flawless, and this is exactly what MultiPress is taking care of.


Drukkerij Lorgé
Avenue du Luxembourg 2
54810 Longlaville



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