"Errors have simply been reduced to zero."

Labelpages is a graphic agency offering full-service solutions for the development and implementation of corporate identities. From the creation of a concept up to the printing, the entire team thinks along with the customer on illustrations, layout, image editing, photogravure, digital printing, website etc.

"Before the introduction of MultiPress, all offers were drawn up on the basis of an  Excel spreadsheet without specific customer follow-up. Each offer was drawn up in Xpress. For each printer, time registration consisted in completing a paper file per job and per customer. To ensure that everything was invoiced, each file was numbered and put in a tray designated for the invoicing division. At the end of each month, all these files were sorted and the invoices drawn up manually. Needless to say that this was a very time-consuming process with a high chance of errors.

We opted for MultiPress because of the many possibilities to centralise management and because of the flexibility of the software itself, which can be adjusted to our structure", says Nicolas Verplancken, business manager at Labelpages. "Our customers have greatly appreciated the clarity and transparency of the calculations and the job follow-up".

"The implementation took place in two stages. The interaction with Dataline Solutions ensured that MultiPress was adjusted to our specific needs. Our company managed to complete the migration in 1 month."

"MultiPress enables us to meet customer needs much more quickly, whether it concerns offers, job follow-up or invoicing. Any chance of mistakes has simply been eliminated."

"As to the future... we certainly want to offer our customers the possibility to personalise their frequent printed matter online. Which is why we will extend our cooperation with Dataline Solutions and integrate this MultiPress web shop in our website."


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