Logi Info, MultiPress and QuoJob's ‘report generator' (as from version 12), offers you a powerful development environment to create web-based reporting, analysis and dashboard applications. This enables you to create interactive reports with all sorts of features you can distribute to countless users via the internet.

Powerful web-based dashboards

With Logi Info you provide (a selection of) employees with real information: dynamic visualisations with drill-down possibilities, data tables, key performance indicators (KPIs), GIS maps, health maps, RSS feeds, website...

Flexible and interactive reporting

Convert your data into information that can be processed easily with Logi Info's ample reporting possibilities. You can use them to draw up useful and interactive reports on the internet or in the format you desire (PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, HTML etc.). You always remain one step ahead of critical situations thanks to the automatic report delivery and warnings.

Simple and user-friendly

Do the test today and discover how QuoJob Logi Info can solve your current problems in the blink of an eye. Your own system managers can connect QuoJob Logi Info easily to any data source. Reports are created in less than no time without much coding thanks to the ample library of reusable elements. End users quickly get the hang of it thanks to the intuitive interface and the familiar web navigation.


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