Magenta was founded in 1990 by Tom De Smet and his spouse Ann Dumalin. "We were still working in the proverbial garret at the time," says Tom De Smet with a laugh.  "Our job at the outset had more to do with graphic design, but we gradually developed into a full service advertising agency.  In 2009, we moved to our own office building on the Gistelse Steenweg in Bruges.  Our customers come mainly from SMEs, although we also have a few multinationals in our portfolio.  We are currently geared primarily to the lifestyle sector, probably because of advertising by word of mouth?"

"Before we discovered QuoJob, we worked with a filemaker we had knocked together ourselves, which became rather outdated after a few years.  Various items such as price quotation requests and price files were not interlinked.  Sending a price quotation request to different printers was a very time consuming task.  Hours were written on a datasheet which were then entered manually for each employee every day in filemaker."

"I was seduced into buying another package twice... They were cheap, alright, but they were both full of bugs.  We felt like guinea pigs on each occasion.  I then bumped into Dirk Deroo of Dataline Solutions at some reception or other, and he pronounced the prophetic words:  "We're going to do business together one day." And so it came to pass.  After exploring the market and sounding out competitor-colleagues, we opted for QuoJob."

"The implementation of QuoJob went pretty smoothly, although it took some getting used to in the beginning.  But once people got over their cold feet, everyone increasingly became a fan.  I am 100% convinced that we will clearly reap the many benefits in the long term, as we come to use the programme to the full. "

"I have one piece of advice for our competitors:  just keep on doing things your way, because it's only to our benefit," Tom says with a wink. 


Gistelse Steenweg 676
8200 Sint-Andries



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