20 years of experience doesn't mean anything. You could have done it wrong for 20 years

MultiPress offers you a highly user-friendly report generator and predefined reports. It is essential for any printing business to be able to make an evaluation and, if need be, to make decisions at a single glance. This is why running a business is still a matter of combining profitability with market-determined prices. Maybe you find that your price structure needs to be (re)evaluated. Enter your cost structure (financial data, cost centres, labour costs, insurances...) into the 'cost price calculation' module and the actual cost of each saleable cost centre will be calculated automatically.

You can make simulations of the possible effect of lowering your labour costs or investing in a new machine: your new hourly price will be calculated immediately. With clear insight in the correct cost structure it is child's play to better evaluate orders. The 'organisational compass' module follows developments closely and gives you an evaluation of efficiency, the order result, the added value and the sales result of a job, product group or client group, department or representative at any moment. This information compares and shows in greater detail which client(s) generate(s) too much costs or which order types have become systematically uneconomic.


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