Generating a media plan, cost plan and production plan starting from the media placement

Managing media providers and placements is a speciality and requires a great deal of time for most companies. This is not so with the QuoJob "Media module" as you will find a complete overview of all titles, issue dates and price tables of the media companies you have used in the relation module. These data are taken from the relation file within the media placement of your project. Here you can prepare the placement by inputting all the details and by using the data present in the relation file of the media company. Surcharges and discounts are provided for both at client level and at agency level. The layout is organised in such a way that all data a media company needs are conveniently represented.

On the basis of this media placement you can create a media plan, cost plan and production plan, both for the client and for the supplier. All data from the placement are automatically taken over in the offer to your client. For urgent placements you can even forward an order to the media company directly from your technical layout. An important feature is the built-in media reservations and confirmations system. QuoJob offers you a report in which you will find a clear representation of all media placements that have been reserved and/or confirmed throughout the projects. From a small advertisement to an extensive media campaign... QuoJob enables you to always keep track and to manage the various possibilities.


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