Delay is the natural enemy of possibilities

Since 1997, Dataline Solutions has been developing administrative software for advertising and communication companies. In a market segment where creativity, freedom, an urge to experiment and diversity are the essence of existence it is no wonder that administrative and commercial processes were neglected for a long time. The economic reality of the past 10 years made professionals in the graphic industry face the facts again.

We rarely see greater enthusiasm on the face of a publicity agent than during a QuoJob demonstration. The time and efforts to implement QuoJob often do not exceed the 5% time saving you already get in the first month. Delay of this decision subsequently results in a feeling that precious time has been lost. If you use 10% of the QuoJob possibilities in the first stage, you already save more than 50% of time. Imagine how you could have invested that time in creativity, family, leisure or new business?


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