Want to get more orders from your advertising agencies? MultiPress to QuoJob - offer exchange

Dataline Solutions has been offering the QuoJob software to advertising agencies for 5 years. The link between MultiPress and QuoJob has recently been developed at the request of numerous printing businesses and advertising agencies. This way the price inquiries between advertising agencies and printing businesses are dealt with 10 times more quickly, more correctly and more smoothly. The use and procedure are simple: a QuoJob advertising agency comes up with printed matter and sends the inquiry along with the number of copies to be printed and other variants directly from QuoJob to the MultiPress of the desired printing businesses (instead of a fax or e-mail).

The MultiPress printing business does not need to retype any data anymore but receives the inquiry directly in MultiPress and processes the print calculation in an offer which is subsequently added in QuoJob to the respective advertising agency after being checked. When the advertising agency converts its inquiry into an order, this is forwarded as a job by means of the same exchange link to the selected printing business's MultiPress. Consequently, there is no more manual input, time is gained, the follow-up of outstanding price inquiries is improved, customer relations are improved and there is zero chance of errors.



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