Did you know that 70% of all printing businesses work with MultiPress by Dataline Solutions?

Dataline Solutions is market leader in the printing industry (and related industries) with MultiPress. In this privileged position it was therefore our ambition to automate communications between QuoJob and MultiPress users. This synergy makes sure that price inquiries drawn up in QuoJob do not need to be converted into PDF but can immediately be exchanged directly between the respective QuoJob and MultiPress application. The calculator in the printing office will automatically receive the calculation basis which can be used for further calculations in their calculation package. Quite some time can be saved and errors can be eliminated as nothing needs to be retyped any more. Subsequently you will receive an offer from the printing business which, after a check, is automatically read in into QuoJob. This way you and your printer will save a great deal of time and money and avoid misunderstandings, which can only be conducive to the cooperation with your familiar printing business.


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