"QuoJob distinguishes itself from other packages by taking the user and the project as its approach point

Simplifying a project's administration and, by just one key stroke, having more possibilities to analyse the achieved results, also in the interim: such were the major motives that led us to search for a project management software package. In 2006, Opraappers Communicatie made the decision to switch from Excel to QuoJob.

Opraappers Communicatie is a communications bureau that is specialized in the agricultural and horticultural sector. "Our strength lies in the combination of knowledge of agricultural and horticultural issues and of communications", thus explains Marga van Haeringen, manager of the bureau that has for already more than 25 years been operating out of Doetinchem, East-Netherlands. The team counts eight members.

"Up to 2006, we managed our project administration via self-made Excel-sheets", Van Haeringen explains further. "This method left us open to errors while control checks and re-calculations were becoming ever more time-consuming. We therefore went in search of an all-in-one package that would enable us to manage project administration, price offers, invoicing, post-calculations, and planning by means of just one programme and by entering the various data all at one and the same time."

"QuoJob distinguished itself from other packages by taking the user and the project as its point of approach. Our clients were never aware of the ongoing implementation. Internally, however, it was a different story! Harmonizing internal processes with the possibilities offered through QuoJob, standardizing the assortment of our services and streamlining all kinds of datafiles, this we put in place immediately upon the introduction of QuoJob. Hence, from the very outset, we were able to derive maximum profit from the package."

"The advantage for our clients is that our collaborators can offer a fast insight into the status of a project, can readily control budgets, and, when required on invoicing, can justify every detail of the work performed."

"Now four years later, we remain totally happy with our choice. We experience very few disruptions and, when they happen, Dataline Solutions helpdesk is generally very quickly able to rectify the inconveniences."






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