Hilde Wintein: "As a graphic designer I started on my own under my own name. After only one year it became clear that the agency needed to expand. With two additional creative talents and a number of freelancers we were able to meet the demands of our clients.

Things were moving... Ten years afterwards I deemed it important not to work under my own name anymore.  Not I, but the entire team deserved all the credit. With a 'green apple' in mind we came up with the name ou-vert." "And open we are!

Our office is an open house for small and medium-sized companies, for consulting and marketing agencies, for large corporations... We offer new ideas, projects with that extra spark, concepts that stick."

January 2008: tabula rasa at ou-vert.

"We wanted to move up. We wanted to put ou-vert on the map. Two important things were addressed to achieve this. We started not only with an entirely new team, but also with QuoJob.

Until QuoJob, administration was always too much for our creative minds. It is an important element within the company, but we prefer to engage in designing. However, ou-vert's growth was to a certain extent suppressed by the rather old-fashioned 'manual' method of working.

Apart from time loss, we also lost a number of projects because offers had not been submitted in time or were not tailor-made."

"Dataline Solutions was well known within the industry, and after an extensive QuoJob demo we were convinced that this would boost ou-vert's efficiency. We are now one year later and we have managed to achieve everything we wanted to achieve.  Also to the delight of the new team, that almost got down on their knees after their first working week to ask for 'structure'. And they got it!


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