Always plan ahead: it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark

Your manual planning board is your company's backbone, but it has the disadvantage that there is no automatic update and interaction between the different production departments. The MultiPress planning module automatically links the planning to the post-calculation module so that you are always informed of the status and have control over the order input. In the digital version you can move all processes of one job in one go, obviously taking into account the different reference dates.

An additional asset for optimising your planning is the MultiPress Smart Plan Board - a 77" touch screen that visualises the planning for all departments. After consultation with your colleagues, you drag assignments to the desired place with your finger. The Smart Board gives you the flexibility that is essential in ever-changing conditions. The MultiPress Smart Board starts up in 10 seconds and clearly shows where the bottlenecks and opportunities are located. MultiPress Smart Plan Board is unique and complete, and offers you exceptional functions at an affordable price.


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