Always plan ahead: it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark

Agencies often contend with practical problems with regard to planning, meeting deadlines and estimating the remaining available hours of employees and/or teams. However, knowledge of these data usually means the difference between profit or loss, chaos or structure, and healthy or bad stress. If we assume that every job consists of one or several tasks (services or performances), the planning of each job (or project) task essentially has 5 components:

• what is the task deadline?
• does this task depend on another task within the job?
• within what time period can work on the task be done?
• how many hours/days of work does it need?
• who/which team can carry it out?
In QuoJob every employee, planning or production officer can assign one or several of these components to each task. They can also be inherited from previous projects. This way all employees get to see their job responsibilities in their personal "MyDay" in real time and they have all the information and freedom to plan their day depending on the set deadlines. An overview of all tasks for each employee is possible both as a list and as a diagram. Necessary information such as the briefing (...)

The user-friendly planning module is a basic component of QuoJob and allows to add various tasks to the planning already when starting up a job. It enables your company to use the concept of "capacity determination". Starting from an offer, it is possible for you to let all offered services/tasks flow into the planning. This way you can check in real time whether there is sufficient capacity and whether it is necessary to look for solutions (freelancers, outsourcing...).

As an option the planning can also be visualised in Gannt charts: a conveniently arranged graphic representation of the planning which can be adapted through drag & drop. Each task can be assigned to one or several employees or teams who are shown an up-to-date work schedule in the personalised MyDay display. You always keep sight of the state of affairs thanks to various tools and reports. Which tasks are in progress, which ones still need to be planned for, will the predetermined number of working hours suffice, will we meet the deadline etc. The QuoJob planning offers you a complete project follow-up that can be easily and simply adapted, that can be consulted by all employees and of which you can forward a planning progress report to your client to inform him on the state of affairs, even for every individual project.


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