"MultiPress fully convinced us, both in the technical and in the price/quality field"

Over the last couple of years Print and Display has evolved into a multidisciplinary communication company with a strong specialisation in the in-store and outdoor communication segment. Especially over the last 10 years the company has experienced strong growth thanks to automation of the poster market and rapid growth of the display market.  It has managed to sustain this strong growth thanks to several takeovers (MAT, EPOS, GSI). Print and display also has a brand office in France (Paris) and points of sale in the Netherlands and Germany.

"Until October 2009, all calculations and offers were drawn up on the basis of an in-house package (PDAdmin) that was continuously adjusted", says Marc Verdonck, production director. "The cost price of further development, the lack of multi-company functionality, JDF, CRM... and the constantly changing situations on the market took too much time and also made it impossible to continue with this package. After thorough market research of various ERP packages, MultiPress by Dataline Solutions fully convinced us, both in the technical and in the price/quality field."

Dataline Solutions first of all advised us to migrate all our old relational data to MultiPress. This was no doubt a very good option, but management decided to check and correct all current relations first prior to partially importing them in MultiPress. 

"The objective of each company is to make life as easy as possible for its customers as well as for itself. This is why we have always generated unique codes on our order confirmation with a log-in and password for our ftp server. The related folder structure is automatically generated by MultiPress on our Apple server. The exchange of these data takes place through MultiPress and Switch on the basis of a JDF link. Once placed on our FTP server, files are automatically checked by the Pitstop server and placed on our production server with a report sent to the Prepress division.  Our migration to MultiPress was positively received by our customers: the new layout of our offers, invoices and other documents is absolutely a remarkable improvement."

"Our MultiPress features 5 calculation modules. We use the digital module to do most of our calculations, and this is mainly because we have a very wide range of digital machinery. These machines print on paper and cardboard as well as on any kind of flat materials and roll materials, and the MultiPress digital calculation and order module enable us to manage all this flawlessly."

"Apart from the digital module we also have the offset calculation module, which is mainly used for multi-page posters for the poster market. Certain small volumes are also calculated digitally, and in digital calculation we furthermore have the possibility to print certain posters in one go. So much depends on the surface capacity of our large format plotters."

"Implementing software in a busy production environment in a very short time is certainly no sinecure. So it took us a great deal of preparation and effort, but we always received much support and assistance from Dataline Solutions. In the middle of 2010 we started with the development of order registrations and calculations, and although the added value is still difficult to describe at the moment, we are convinced that we will have a very good picture of MultiPress' strong productivity within our company by the end of the year."

"The web module is very high on our agenda for the future and we certainly still want to implement this module this year."

"A very positive element of Dataline Solutions is that we have a general help desk at our disposal which is easily accessible. For more difficult and technical questions that require a great deal of expertise we can always appeal to our Project Manager. It is really necessary to have a project manager who knows the ins and outs of your company. Manu, our Project Manager at Dataline Solutions, knows the problems we face and understands them perfectly on the basis of his expertise and background."

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