20 years of experience doesn't mean anything. You could have been doing it wrong for 20 years

Do you also make countless reports in spreadsheets? Sales follow-up? Margin reports? Customer lists? The same reports again and again every month?


By processing your figures manually you run a considerable risk of errors. Or everyone has an outdated or different version. Also wrong of course. Or you work a little longer every week so that the planning report is up-to-date again...
How long will you keep it up?


Because of all the typing and calculating you are losing time. An incredible amount of time and an incredible amount of trouble. After all, those two things cost money.

The solution

On-line, real-time reporting and dashboards ensure you have 'the single version of the truth'. Everyone has the same, correct figures at their disposal. Data can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This is where the QuoJob reporting module and LogiXML come into the picture with budget-friendly and scalable reporting and BI solutions.


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