The larger the gap, the more splendid a bridge you can build

Cutting, folding and packaging are treatments every printer requires, but MultiPress has created an extensive finishing module that includes stitching, sewing, saddle stitching and Wire-O binding for more specialised companies. Describe what the printer supplies to you, simply tick off the required treatments and MultiPress will take care of the rest.

The print volume (e.g. of a brochure) is an important fact when calculating the finishing steps. Thanks to the "volume module", the composition can automatically be determined on the basis of the printing sheet calculation. If you want to upgrade in screen printing, you will receive the offer in less than no time, including the calculation of ink consumption, frame handling and the treatment of support varieties. Thanks to the foil stamping module, the size of the stereotype plate and the use of gold, silver and other foil can be taken into consideration. Laminating companies make practical use of this. In the future it will be hard to imagine how you ever coped without.


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