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Efficient use of production hours will make or break your business. Its corner stone is time registration. Time registration provides the necessary feedback from production and is essential for a thorough project analysis. In case of "projects performed on a time and expense basis" the registered hours are of course the basis of the invoiced sums. QuoJob gets its budgeted hours from offers and orders, and weighs them against the time already "consumed". This results in real-time reporting in which the job hour status immediately stands out in the job overview. In this user-friendly module you can work with the "timer", but the "from-to" times or "durations" can be entered manually just as well. During registration, staff members can also provide a great deal of information, which is always within reach when creating the invoice.

The registered hours are visualised automatically and directly in the project (per staff member, performance type, chronologically, with comments...). With a few mouse clicks you can create overview lists for internal use or a 'blacked out' time sheet for talks with clients. If required you can also register non-project related hours, which gives you a complete overview of your agency's productivity factor. Thanks to material registration you can charge a client for creating a PDF file, colour prints, courier costs etc. if so desired. A database of hours already contains a wealth of business information after 2 months!


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