The timer is clearly displayed. All functions are easily and quickly accessible from three tabs in the top menu bar.

To display your local time hover the cursor over the calender icon. Click on the calender icon to view your agenda. In the top menu bar is with mouse-hover on the calendar icon an indication of your local time. You can consult your agenda by clicking the calender icon.

The work-timer tracks without reference to billable productive hours, hours worked on a job or charged to a customer.

The job-timer tracks the time that can be directly booked to specific job.

To display the elapsed time that has been tracked hover the cursor over the hourglass icon.

Time can also be entered manually. By clicking on the timers, the timer can be activated or stopped. 

Also found in the lower section of a time pop-up window is a list of all the previously tracked times, booked yes or no.


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