Triakon was founded by my father when he retired at age 66 from Cicom, the company he had also founded.  He was active in the graphics sector and wanted to remain so.
There are two markets for graphic printing: electronic photography and inkjet.
Triakon is not the only one, but there are very few versatile digital printing businesses active on both markets. Our printing business offers a very wide range of prepress services and uses both electrographic and inkjet systems.  We furthermore provide various finishing options.  Our clients include businesses, communication agencies, printing businesses, end customers and chain stores.

Standardised administration

Multipress has enabled this organisation to integrate single data entry in a standardised and systematic manner.  Contact management is standardised, and clear overviews provide insight into which price offers result in which jobs.  Calculations are made by different persons in a uniform manner, and the process is much faster. When a job order is received, data are extracted from the calculations to define the order.  These data can be reused for the creation of invoices without having to enter them again.  Data are automatically imported and exported into the accounting system linked to MP.
We have also created a link between MultiPress and Automation Engine to run our presses.

MultiPress fan
How did we learn about Dataline Solutions?
Through interaction with other printing businesses we found out that Dataline has a large clientele.  We also have a new colleague who already used MultiPress and is a MultiPress fan!

Implementation & assistance
The implementation was quite a job, but the organisation has evolved well in terms of costs.  Preparing the work, introducing calculations into the system and entering the data were time-consuming tasks.
The other modules (orders, invoicing, links to accounting and the automation engine) were implanted very quickly.  We received excellent assistance from Dataline and were impressed by the pre- and after-sales service and support.

Assets of MultiPress
The benefits of Multipress are based on 2 factors:
single data entry, which reduces administrative work and errors and speeds up the entire process, and easier and more systematic access to commercial and management information, which helps a lot.

Future growth
Everyone needs to look to the future. This is not an easy market, but we want to evolve with it. We moved to these Agfa production halls in November and now have 3 times more space. We furthermore have the people and the systems to accomplish this growth.



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