With over 25 years of experience in advertising and industrial photography, Truyens & Partners has evolved into an expert in all-round photography, digital image processing, websites and all kinds of printed matter. Our enthusiasm to keep on excelling ourselves is certainly our main asset. Feeling, atmosphere, correct lighting in the correct setting, creative passion... these are only a few important core words that characterise Truyens & Partners.

After the merger with RCA Communication Group in 2008 and the resulting internal changes there was a certain need for a uniform system to improve and optimise the internal operation.

Before the QuoJob era, offers and calculations were mainly made manually and there was no uniform system to centralise all traffic with regard to one project. This resulted in considerable searching within various systems, which could be a time-consuming task from time to time.

The major added value that QuoJob has to offer to us is the simplification of the everyday internal operation, and more specifically: simplified administration, easy follow-up on projects and offers + clear reporting.

The fact that QuoJob can be extended according to our own specific needs within the possibilities of the program is a significant plus.  The DLS Support employees are also always prepared to listen to our questions and desires.

We furthermore attach great importance to the fact that everything can be found in a single space, namely from briefing to the eventual invoice. In conclusion we can say that thanks to its uniformity QuoJob represents a user-friendly system that offers many possibilities within a communications agency.



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